Got a large group? Want to do a corporate or school event at our facility? We'll work with you to craft the best experience for your participants.

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Lock-In Package

Looking for an exciting place to host your next private event or party? Get the exclusive experience of Hoosier Heights facility all to yourself. Enjoy the excitement of climbing your heart out or use the party room to slow down and recharge while you eat, watch movies, play games, or whatever you like.

$399.00 for 15 Climbers
$15.00 for each additional climber

(Optional) Rent a staff belayer: $20 per hour.

As an added bonus, all members of your group who are new to climbing will complete our Facility Orientation & Instruction. This course covers climbing and belaying techniques as well as the proper use of all necessary equipment used during indoor top rope climbing. The lesson times vary depending on the individual and size of group. The Hoosier Heights staff will ensure that you are comfortable with the techniques and equipment before letting you go have the time of your life!