First-Time Day Pass

Everything you need to start climbing at Hoosier Heights. Includes all gear rentals (locking carabiner, harness, climbing shoes) as well as a lesson from a qualified instructor who “shows you the ropes” of climbing and belaying. If you’re hooked and want to begin improving immediately, try our Classes!

Day Pass

This pass lets you climb the ropes and boulder to your heart’s content. Need to go get a bite to eat, or take a break? No problem, keep climbing when you get back. Includes harness and locking carabiner rentals. Rental Shoes Not Included.

Youth Pass
(Ages 14 & Under)

Ages 5 & Under Climb Free!*

Gear Rental

Rental Shoes: $5
Rental Chalkbag: $1
First-Time Belay Pass: $10 (includes harness and carabiner rental, and belay instruction)
Belay Pass: $6
Free Rentals Are Only Included 1st Visit.


*Free Climbing may not include free gear rentals, lessons, or any related expenses.