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Welcome to our Team Info page!

The following details information about each of our climbing teams, why we do what we do, and the USA Climbing season. We will update it periodically with new information.

A Little More About Climbing Teams

Our climbers come from many different backgrounds with diverse goals in mind. We have recently restructured our teams to try and meet the needs of this community better and are excited to see how it turns out! Continue reading to learn about each team and the options your climbers have at Hoosier Heights Bloomington. The main team page has general information about times, ages and skill levels.

Recreational Climbing Team

What is it?
This is the youngest available team. Rec team is structured a lot like YCC, but with more emphasis on learning about climbing and progression through practices. Climbers should be able to attend most practices as they will often build upon previous lessons. Games and snack time are still in the mix!

Who is it for?
Ages 7-12 - This is a great team for our younger climbers who have developed a keen interest in climbing and are able to make two practices a week. Many climbers move here from YCC after they learn how much they love climbing! This is where they start to learn the skills and technique that will help them improve as climbers.

When is it?
Monday & Wednesday 4:30-6:30PM

What does it cost?
$50 per month in addition to membership fees.


Community Team

What is it?
This team is focused on providing an engaging social environment for teens of all climbing backgrounds. Climbers will find a place to hang out with others who share interests while climbing and growing together. Skills will be introduced and built upon along with fitness and training aspects so teens learn fun and sustainable ways to stay active and healthy in this lifetime sport.

Who is it for?
Ages 13-18 - This team is perfect for youth who are looking for a place to hang out after school, want to stay active in a fun and engaging way, and love the community aspect of climbing. Climbing can be beneficial, especially in the teen years, for developing confidence as well as mental, social and physical health. This is the perfect environment for it! The community team is for new and seasoned teen climbers of all skill levels.

When is it?
Monday & Wednesday 6:30-8:30PM

What does it cost?
$55 per month in addition to membership fees.

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Developmental Team

What is it?
Climbers focus on improving through high volumes of climbing and fitness training. This team enables climbers to reach goals like competitive climbing, climbing at higher levels, and/or climbing on the Advanced Team. Ability and willingness to focus on workouts and direction from coaches as well as to push oneself physically are required. Climbers ages 14 and up must be willing to lead climb. There is also a higher level of commitment as climbers are expected to do some work outside of team time as well as attend (either to compete or encourage) one competition a year. Entry onto this team is through coach recommendation only. Coaches reserve the right to recommend placement on a different team where they feel climbers will be happier and more successful.

Who is it for?
Ages 8-18 - This team is for climbers who want to push themselves physically and mentally to improve. It is great for climbers who are driven and want to compete and/or climb on the Advanced Team or simply get better at climbing as their primary sport. This is a great team for Rec-aged climbers who want to be challenged and learn more as well as new and seasoned teen climbers who want to focus on climbing as a primary sport. Climbers of a wide range of ages and skill levels are welcome, six months of climbing experience is recommended.

When is it?
Tuesdays &Thursdays 5:00-7:00PM

Workouts expected outside of practice times.

What does it cost?
$65 per month in addition to membership fees.

Advanced Climbing Team

What is it?
This is our only team with a skill-level requirement. Climbers must be able to boulder V5 and top-rope 5.11c, climbers ages 14 and up must be willing to lead climb. A high level of commitment is expected, to include time exercising outside of team time, competing in one bouldering and one sport climbing competition each year, and volunteering either in the climbing community or for an organization of one’s choice. Coaches design workouts that include climbing drills and fitness tools like plyometrics, weight lifting, and cardio work. Workouts are carefully crafted to be age-appropriate with growing climbers in mind. Spots on this team are limited to 15 spaces and a coach’s recommendation is required. While all of our climbers are encouraged to try other sports, climbers who take a break for a season will give up their spot on the team until they are re-recommended. This means that, if there is a waiting list, another climber will take their place on the team and they may be placed on the waiting list when they come back.

Who is it for?
Ages 8-19 - This team is for high-level climbers who are interested in pushing themselves to improve and for whom climbing is the primary sport. While competition does not have to be the primary motivation, climbers are expected to compete at least twice a year to expand their exposure to new facilities, styles of setting, and climbers. Advanced Team climbers must be driven and mature in their approach to climbing and are expected to be encouraging, uplifting teammates, meeting the highest standards of the HHB teams. This team is open to a wide range of ages and is skill and maturity dependent.

Climbers must also show proof of placing top 10 in a USA Climbing local competition.

When is it?
Monday, Wednesday, & Friday 6:00-8:30PM

Workouts expected outside of practice times.

What does it cost?
$80 per month in addition to membership fees.

What’s with the new team structure?

Over the last year, our team numbers have grown significantly! It has been so exciting to share climbing with all of the youth, but now we are starting to be stretched a little thin. During this time, we have also observed needs that we feel could be met better, like providing a space for both climbers who want to kick back and have fun with friends as well as climbers who are wanting to push themselves athletically. With our growth and the wide range of motivations and intentions among our climbers, this is a great time to reevaluate our structure and strive to provide a better service to youth and families. As always, we will consistently and carefully consider the advantages and disadvantages to this structure so that we can continue to provide the best possible service.

The new structure will provide a wider variety of routes climbers can take in their time with us. Rather than the typical linear steps 1, 2, and 3, this will enable climbers to explore what climbing is to them and choose how they would like to approach it. Young climbers will always start off with our rec team and teen climbers will always start with the community team, but where they go after that is up to them. Rec climbers can move to the Community Team at the age of 13 or to the Developmental Team at any time (once they hit 8) with a coach’s recommendation. Community Team climbers can stay on that team until they are 18 or move to the Developmental Team whenever they wish by asking a coach for a recommendation. Moving to the Developmental Team may require some extra work on the climber’s part to get to the point where they are ready for the demand, but coaches are always happy to work with them and help them prepare. Not everyone who wants to join that team will be ready immediately, but we hope we can get them there! Developmental Team climbers can work to move up to Advanced Team or simply stay where they are. They are also welcome to move to the Community Team if they desire more social climbing and/or are in a season of life where they cannot meet the level of commitment but still want to continue working with their coaches and peers. We do not prioritize or favor any team, but see each group of climbers as an integral part of our community. There is a coach dedicated to each team primarily so that they receive the best level of care and attention.

All team climbers who are on our teams or join in August will be required to go through an evaluation with a coach. This does a few things: it gives coaches and climbers an idea of where they are at that time so they can show climbers how much they have grown and are growing, and it helps coaches and climbers determine where they would be happiest. Evaluations also provide one-on-one time between climbers and coaches where they can get to know each other better and build the relationships we believe are so important to our climbing environment.

USA Climbing

All climbers in the HHB Youth Programs are welcome to participate in USA Climbing competitions! Here are somethings you should know about USA Climbing:

  • Types of competitions include local comps as well as regional, divisional, and national championships

  • There are two season: bouldering in the fall and sport/speed in the spring

  • Climbers must compete in two local competitions to qualify for regional championships. They do not have to place in local competitions to move on.

  • Climbers must have either a USAC day-pass (can be purchased at competition or online) or a USAC Annual Membership (can be purchased at competition or online) to compete in a local comp.

  • Climbers must have an Annual Membership to compete in any championship event.

    • Membership can be purchased at usaclimbing.org

      January 12-13 - Divisionals at First Ascent Humboldt Park, Chicago, IL (tentative)
      February 8-10 - Nationals in Bend, OR

Events in bold will have coaches attending.


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