Yoga Classes are Free for Members and $15 for Nonmembers Per Session.
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11-12:15pm  Movement & Yoga for ClimbersAnita
6-7pm Slow Flow Sharon


5:30-6:30pm Yoga for Climbers Sarah P.
7-8pm Acro Foundations Sarah P. and Adam
8-10pm Acro Jam


5:30 -6:30pm Power Vinyasa Sarah P
7:00-8:00pm Slow Flow Quinn


5:45-6:45pm High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Yoga Fusion Mallory
7-8pm Acro Adam and Tara (Watch this Video as a Prerequisite)
8-10pm Acro Jam


5:30-6:30pm Power Vinyasa Neci


10-11:00am Vinyasa Flow Neci


9:45-10:45am Yin Yoga Neci.

High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) Yoga Fusion
Yoga tends to include slow, intentional movements and postures. It activates slow-twitch muscle fibers, which give us longer holding power and endurance-based strength. We ground through breath practices and mindfulness activities to create both mental and physical balance. HIIT, or High Intensity Interval Training, intense, is rooted in fast-paced bursts of cardio. It activates fast-twitch muscle fiber activation. HIIT is what defines, tightens, lifts and sculpts our muscles. It challenges our body and breath. Achieve the benefits of both yoga and HIIT through this Yoga Shred inspired class.

Movement & Yoga for Climbers
Climb harder and decrease your chance of injury. This class focuses on conditioning the body to improve your climbing agility, increase strength along with flexibility and give relief for the muscles and joints most utilized during a climb. This class is for all levels, including those new to yoga and or climbing.

Vinyasa Flow
This class emphasizes proper alignment in the fundamental postures of the Surya Namaskar series. While staying true to the basics, the class is also varied and challenging. All levels.

Slow Flow with Sharon
Slow Flow is a mindful, slow-paced yoga class that focuses on connecting the breath with the movement of the body. This class will build strength, flexibility, and range of motion while flowing through poses. The class includes foundational yoga poses and sun salutations with attention on breath and alignment. 

Yin Yoga
Yin. Opposite of a yang class each pose is held for much longer and fewer poses within an hour. An introspective and relaxing hour where breath work, meditation and other yogi techniques will be introduced. The poses will be grounding, comforting, opening, stretching, and finally relaxing. Open to all levels, feel free to bring and eye mask or face pillow. Come to this class to relax

Slow Flow with Quinn
Join Quinndalyn for a practice focused on breathing and release. This all levels slow flow class will begin grounded, slowly building our way to sun salutations, and finding our way back down to the mat for hip and spinal release. Aromatouch will be offered during savasana.

Acro Foundations
Acro Foundations provides the basics for beginners or those completely new to Acro. You will work in small groups to learn the foundations of an Acro Yoga practice. You might fall, you might laugh, you might find yourself trusting someone you've never met before. Acro Yoga builds strength, increases your awareness of your body in space, and improves balance.  You do not need a partner to sign up for the class. Acro Foundations is a prerequisite to Acro Flow.

Power Vinyasa
Vinyasa is the union between breath and movement. Practice an awareness that links each action to the next with Power Vinyasa. This challenging class requires you to stay present and focused throughout. It will begin with a warm up, flow through Sun Salutations and then build to more difficult postures and variations, eventually leading you to a deep meditative state. Open to all levels.

Intermediate Acro
Acro Flow is a mixed-level class for those who already have the foundations of acro and are motivated to continue their practice at higher levels and challenges.  Content offered each week includes a range of skill options centered around a theme, a washing machine, and/or a flow.  Acro Flow encourages you to keep building strength, developing balance and flexibility, and improving communication through acro and for acro—and it’s fun!  You do not need a partner to sign up for the class.  Prerequisites: Acro Foundations Skill Flow: see videospreadsheet