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Lead climbing


The lead climbing course teaches the fundamentals of knots, clipping and belaying for sport climbing. Classes are scheduled with the instructor and are 3-4 hours long. Minimum of 2 participants with a maximum of 4.


  • Efficient climbing techniques
  • Proper clipping techniques
  • Knot and equipment usage
  • Proper falling technique
  • Effective lead belaying technique


Monday and Thursday: 6:00PM - Pilates and the Pain

Isometric work focusing on the core and power. Using breath to elongate strengthen and tone the body in a tougher and stronger you. If you are a climber of any level you will enjoy the benefits of strengthening the transverse ab muscles. This class can range from 35-45 minutes depending on the intensity level and speed of the group. 

Tuesday -  "Balls with Byron"

The Stability ball is a rarely used tool in training the core. But it also one of the coolest tools and should be used more. Integrating a stability ball into a core routine can benefit by toning, strengthening, and stabilizing through full body isometric workouts. This class will last about 45 minutes. 


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