Climbing & Fitness Classes

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Climbing 101

This is the basic introduction to climbing course we offer every 4 weeks. Learn about the basics of belaying, rope handling, route reading, personal safety, and more!

4 Sessions, $45.00

Tuesdays, 7pm-8:30pm

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Lead climbing

The lead climbing course teaches the fundamentals of knots, clipping and belaying for sport climbing. Classes are scheduled with the instructor and are 3-4 hours long. Minimum of 2 participants with a maximum of 4.

This class is intended for graduates of Climbing 101 OR climbers with top-rope experience! Lead climbing is a semi-advanced technique and comfort with the fundamentals of climbing is essential!


  • Efficient climbing techniques

  • Proper clipping techniques

  • Knot and equipment usage

  • Proper falling technique

  • Effective lead belaying technique


Personal coaching

 Personalize your training, help your kids reach their climbing goals, or introduce someone you love to climbing with a Hoosier Heights Climbing Coach. This is a great option for:

  • kids and youth with special needs who will do best with thoughtful, one-on-one attention

  • youth climbers with competitive or grade goals who want help meeting them

  • new and experienced adult climbers who want to freshen up their routine with information on how to improve and the accountability of a private coach

Our team of HHB Youth coaches are experienced and enthusiastic about helping you or your loved one reach new heights.

About the Coaches

Naomi Byerley, MPH
Naomi started as a setter with HHB in April, 2017, and has been the Hoosier Heights head youth climbing coach since May of that year. She is experienced in working as a climbing coach for kids as young as 5 and advanced climbers as old as 18, seeing drastic improvements in many athletes. She has worked with youth and kids since 2010 and is passionate about making climbing accessible for kids with special needs. She has also spoken about training protocol to our adult customers at Women Rock, 2017 and will be doing so again at Women Rock 2019. She has been climbing competitively since 2008.

Craig Paiement  Ph.D.

Craig has been working with youth and developing athletes for 25 years. For the past 10 years, he has been privately coaching elite and professional athletes full-time.

Craig's education is in the kinesiology and athlete development fields and he has spent time in academic and practical positions in the NHL and MLB, as well as Michigan State, University of South Florida, Western Michigan, Ithaca College, IUPUI and Castleton University. Craig is committed to the safe and age-appropriate development of youth participants of different ages and skill levels. His main area of expertise is in the proper sequence of age/skill appropriate athlete development and the long-term athlete development model. This model will be reflected in all of the different teams and climbing clubs a Hoosier Heights-Bloomington.

Chandler Boys
He started with Hoosier Heights on the front desk. Since this time, Chandler has enveloped himself in the necessary skills to make him an avid and conscience indoor lead climber. Since late 2018, Chandler has instructed a majority of Hoosier Heights Bloomington’s indoor lead climbing classes and is a climbing merit badge counselor with the Scouts of America. He has shown that he is capable of teaching a wide range of ages and accommodating climbers’ varying degrees of ability. Feel free to contact him at with questions about an upcoming indoor lead climbing class or with questions about indoor lead climbing in general.

Anthony Perez 
Anthony has been sport climbing for 6 years, was a certified E.M.T, and currently working on his S.P.I (Single Pitch Instructor) certification.

Bryan Ball
Bryan is a NASM certified personal trainer with 8 years of climbing experience across the world. His approach to climbing is to experiment with training concepts for maximum benefit. His primary goal is to get you past the first steps as a new climber and give you a solid foundation and introduction into the world of climbing.