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Youth Climbing Club  (Ages 5-10yr)

Every Monday and Wednesday afternoon from 4:30 to 6:30

Youth Climbing Club is a great way to introduce your child to the world of rock climbing. Weekly from 4:30 to 6:30 we offer semi structured game based activities that will cultivate a passion for the sport. 

$10 for non-members
$5 for members per session


Hoosier Heights Climbing Teams

Hoosier Heights teams are devoted to achieving excellence, confidence and growth in climbing. 

Team Hoosier Heights seeks to develop youth athletes into strong, respectful, healthy and responsible climbers. Development of athletes on our Team stems from a concern for the athlete as a whole person, inside and outside the gym.

We believe in building a strong foundation of trust and community between the members of our Team, and work to instill positive decision-making abilities in each athlete so they are able to continue their development as climbers when they leave our Team. Rec & Intermediate team activities cost $50 per month. To see more about the league and its features, visit USA Climbing.

Bouldering: October - February
Sport & Speed: February - August

Recreational Team (Ages 7-12yr)

Purpose: To develop more advanced climbing techniques through climbing-specific training/activities/games.

Rec. Team
(ages 7-12yr)
M-W 4:30-6:30

  • Slight Structure
  • Some Commitment
  • Do not have to do USA Climbing Competition

Climbing Team (Intermediate Team)
M-W 6:30-8:30

  • Structured Practice
  • Do not have to do USA Climbing Competition
  • Motivated Commitment
  • Development of Personal Goals

Advanced Team (Advanced Team)
(10-19yr)M-W-F 6:00-8:30

$65 per month

  • Structure Practice Commitment
  • USA Climbing CompetitionExpected
  • High Personal Motivation & Competitive Goals
  • At-home workouts (strict calendar)